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"Pressure" Boujee Girlz Defense Keychain

"Pressure" Boujee Girlz Defense Keychain

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PRESSURE Boujee Girlz Defense Charm Keychain

Your Days of feeling Defenseless are Over💖

This one comes with a handmade Glitter Wallet


Order your Boujee Girlz Self Defense Keychain to stay protected at all times.

These Defense Lip Gloss keychains are super cute, Very Protective, and very convenient. They also make perfect gifts💜

Keychain includes: 1 handmade glitter wallet, 1 fur pom ball with heart charm, 1 Safety Alarm with built-in flashlight,1 pepper spray, 1 headphone case, 1 letter (put initials in note), 1 discreet key



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