About Us

Welcome to Boujee Girlz Defense
 Boujee Girlz Defense is a defense company located in Texas USA that specializes in affordable safety keychains and tools that are perfect for protection. 
Ceo Shantel White decided to start a defense business after seeing a need for safety to protect women in 2020. At the height of COVID there were so many women being assaulted due to not being able to get a gun to protect themselves or not being able to afford a Safety tool. There were some defense items out, but they were overpriced, bulky, and plain looking. Why does Protection have to be plain? What about all the Boujee Girls in the world who love pretty things and need safety. Boujee Girlz defense was created!
We have shipped over 5,800 orders to our besties and filled out US map by shipping to every State. We thank our supporters so much and will continue to add fresh, affordable, and cute Safety items.
Be on the look out for new products as we build our catalog! We're so happy to have you here.